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 New site announcement + Future Of How we do business

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PostSubject: Re: New site announcement + Future Of How we do business   Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:15 pm

Admin wrote:
Im sorry to say this, but our initial statement about this site only being temporary will continue to be the case. The program we use for creating games requires the use of a service that our current host site doesn't allow to post the games on. What does this mean for you? Well, we have several options here as to what we will do with this site. Personally I like the way this site is set up for having member and announcements, and the games section would make a good link portal to the various areas we would post the games another host site to. This site will not be shutting down and we will continue to post everything related to our games. We will let you know when we have our other site up and running because we will indefinitely post Xander 1 on it.

As for this site as a whole, we would like to keep this our information hub and our community communication outlet of choice. We thank all of you that have taken interest in our work so far and we hope that such a decision in our sites doesn't affect the quality of gaming that we are working on.

AuraStorm Staff.
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New site announcement + Future Of How we do business
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