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 ***Xander*** NEW GAME!!!

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PostSubject: ***Xander*** NEW GAME!!!   Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:55 pm

A couple hundred of you saw information on our old site name about a game known as CardStrike. Well, if you ever heard of it and are wondering about its status, it is no longer being worked on and we have canceled it.

After many months of attempting several projects to replace it, we have a new and improved project that will bring quality gaming to the free market.

The game is Xander 2, which in retrospect is the first game in the newly formed Xander Series. the first game was originally going to be the promoted page, however, many advances in the structure of the game has led to the game being built from the ground up. The game is being built again to allow us to make a game that can be freely updated with an expansive amount of new content in one sitting, giving the players something new to look forward to when they come and play the game. Normally updating the coding of the game would delete your save data. This happens due to changing the coding to the system of the game itself. However, our method if building the game will prevent that at all. In other words, you will not have to worry about your save file not working due to being outdated.

You may be saying, yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about the first game. Well do I have news for you. When we release Xander, we will release the first version which is currently in its final state in its development, including two expansions since the 'end' of the game. It will serve to show you just why all things come to those who wait.

The current Xander project is still in its infancy, so don't freak out and say, "OoOoOoOh Im gonna play a new game tommorow." Its not going to be overnight. It takes a while for games to be made, quality ones at that. I can say that this game will be 100%, count it, 100% free. So will the original version.

While you wait for more information on this game, you are free to go to the Guest Forums and have a discussion amongst yourselves. You can contact us through these forums and we will reply to them at our earliest available point.

If you feel the dire need to contact us you can scroll down to the bottom of the website and select 'Contact'. If you contact us through this method, please leave a valid E-mail address somewhere in the message. Otherwise we will not make any attempt to reply to your message.

We hope you will enjoy our products of the future.

AuraStorm Studios Staff
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***Xander*** NEW GAME!!!
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